What to Wear for the Opera, Theater & Charity Event?


The outfits you can wear for different locations vary. It may be based on the dress code, the weather considerations, the theme of the event, the venue where the event will be held, and your personal style. Amidst all these, there are some typical outfits that you can wear when heading for the opera, a movie theater, and charity events. 

Over here, we highlighted some top trendy picks that will ensure you aren’t out of place, dressed down, or overdressed for the event. We also noted some tips on how to style each of the dresses in our selection and some insight on how you can look great at any event. Keep reading!

How to Dress Up for the Opera?

An opera experience is usually one-of-a-kind and just like any other special event, you certainly want to look good and bask in the compliments your outfits and styling will earn you. Operas aren’t usually done very often, and when they come around, deciding the outfit for opera concert can be a bit tasking. Some locations require a dressier dress code for opera than others, hence the need to glam them up with better styling. Here are some of the ways you can do this without breaking the bank:

  1. Wear what feels comfortable: When planning what to wear as a first-time opera attendee, comfort should be the first step in your selection. It may seem vague because my comfortable clothes may be a cropped tank top and cotton shorts and yours may be a graphic tee on denim pants, but we can’t wear any of these to the opera. The idea is not to put on loungewear or casual outfits, but to understand that whatever dress for opera you pick moving forward should be comfortable, not restrictive, and suitable for your body type. 
  2. Understand the status of the opera location: When choosing dresses for opera, keep in mind that the more popular an opera venue is, the more stylish you should dress. There is an average level of elegance that your dress should command but when it comes to very fancy locations, you may want to step up your game a bit further.
  3. Blacks are Savers: Not sure what dress color to wear? Opt for black. You can’t possibly go wrong with a black evening dress, a black blazer dress, a black cocktail dress, or even a black jumpsuit. As long as you can wear the same clothes for a formal evening dinner or an upbeat business meeting, you can wear them for the opera.

Best Outfits and Dresses to Go to the Opera

Regardless of the venue of the opera, here are some ideas on what dresses for opera will ensure you look great and stunning:

1. Evening Gowns

The easiest outfit choice to think of for opera concerts will be evening gowns and long dresses for ladies. They are also the easiest to dress up as they offer a plain canvas for creativity. You can layer a fur shawl on your shoulders if you suspect it might get cold, then tone up the look with gold accessories.

2.Cocktail Dresses

Here’s an easy solution that you can jump on and be fully assured that you will be up to style. The off-shoulder style and rhinestone details make this dress elegant and chic for the opera. A few silver accents from the purse and tassel earrings add to the wow factor of this look.


If you don’t feel like wearing a floor-length gown or a shorter stylish alternative, you can still look fully glammed up for the opera in a dressy jumpsuit. To take the outfit miles away from simple, pair it with a few gold jewelry like statement earrings and a small clutch purse with gold accents.

4. Stylish Separates

A blazer jacket and wide-legged pant combo are modern outfits for the opera. To provide extra coverage, you can wear a satin camisole or a cozy turtleneck underneath your blazer. The style is classic and looks elegant for the ambiance of the opera location.

How to Dress Up for the Theater?

When it comes to dressing for the theater, there are different dress codes that you can wear depending on the overall ambiance and the location of the theater. The central thing to note when dressing for the theater is that you should look put-together to show your respect for all those behind the production. 

  1. Formal dress for the theater: There are some stage productions and certain theaters where you may have to wear a flattering formal attire. You can easily find out the theme of the event from the advertisements that were put up for the production. If it’s a formal kind of event, a black or white cocktail dress will be appropriate. The same outfit you wear for dinner at a fancy restaurant, a wedding ceremony, or a charity dinner will still create a fascinating look at the theater.
  2. Casual outfit ideas for theater: There are certain productions where a casual dress style is more than suitable. While the code may be casual, it doesn’t mean you should opt for denim, shorts, tank tops, loungewear, shorts, flip-flops, and sandals. Instead, the outfit ideas can be a plain comfortable knit sweater dress, a floral summer dress, or a dressy top with a flared skirt that you can wear to eat out at a nice diner.
  3. Themed theater attire: For some theater productions, you may have to dress in a particular way. This theme may not be formal or even casual, but you may be expected to put on outfits with some specific details like a t-shirt, a cap, or any of the production’s apparel. If the production requires some style sensibilities, then incorporate them. If you’re still unsure, then opt for cute outfits for theater that are upbeat and casual.

Most Beautiful Outfits and Dresses to Go to Theater

Whether it’s your first time going to a movie production or you’re a theater aficionado, here are some of the lovely outfit ideas for the theater that will ensure you enjoy the overall experience and get eyes turning at the event.

1. A Velvet Dress

Velvet is one of the fabrics that you should wear when you want to embrace a luxurious feel at the theater. Whether it’s mini, midi, or maxi length, you’re sure to look great in velvet dresses for women. To amp up the glam factor of your look, a few silver accessories will make great accents.

2. Midi Dresses

For formal theater events, this dress is generally acceptable and will create an alluring look. Elegant midi dresses when properly accessorised are super stunning. It may be the necklace, earrings, bracelets, or other jewelry you wear that finalizes the overall look of your ensemble. Heels and a matching purse or a clutch are extras that perfect your attire.

3. Jumpsuit

To add a dramatic touch to your theater wardrobe collection, think jumpsuits. They are the modern alternatives to dresses and pant suits. It is best to wear your cute outfits for theater with subtle accessories as bold ones can be distracting from your overall outfit. To add some edge to your look, sunglasses can create a tasteful look.

How to Dress Up for the Charity Event?

Charity galas and fundraiser events call for specific dress codes. To look appropriate at the event, your dress shouldn’t be so show-stopping that everyone’s attention shifts to you and it shouldn’t be dressed down as that can be disrespectful to the host. Understanding and decoding these specific dress codes will ensure that your dress selections for charity events are in line with what is expected. Here are some guidelines to help you select what dress for charity event will be perfect for you:

  1. White Tie & Grand Fundraisers: If you get an invite for a very formal charity event, you need to carefully plan your outfit. These settings may demand that you put on full evening dresses, and if you must, chic accessories like silk scarves, wraps, shawls, full-length gloves, or elegant overcoats. Shorter dresses may not be appropriate here but can look good for some other charity events. For your outfit to look more impressive, consider wearing a dress that shows off your décolletage elegantly. A small purse and minimal jewelry can add a beautiful touch to your look.
  2. Semi-Formal & Cocktail Attire: If the fundraiser will have a semi-formal theme, you can wear short or knee-length dresses. If the event will be at a fancy restaurant, you can wear an elegant black dress or a cute corset top or silk blouse with dress pants or skirts. For cocktail fundraisers and outdoor charity events like an art museum, opera house, and charity luncheons, you can wear full-length or midi dresses. 
  3. Casual Charity Events: There are different casual themes that you can wear for a fundraiser. For dressy casual, smart casual, business casual, or country club casual charity events, you can wear dressy separates, or a sleek dress with some bling. Charity events at casual venues like a golf course or a park are moments for you to wear casual outfits. If there are graphic tees for the event, you can wear them with cute shorts, skirts, or pants depending on how casual the event is.

Top Outfits and Dresses to Go to Charity Event

Be it a formal, semi-formal, cocktail, festive, themed, or casual charity event, here are some outfit ideas that you can consider:

1. Jumpsuit

There aren’t restrictions to wearing pants or jumpsuits at a charity event. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing an evening gown or a cocktail dress, you can opt for a stylish jumpsuit and still create a stunning ensemble.

2. A Little Black Dress

A short and bodycon black dress is appropriate for a lot of charity events. This dress style will ensure you look stunning and chic at the fundraiser. Plus, it is comfortable and can be dressed up with just a few subtle accessories.

3. One-Shoulder Dresses

A one-shoulder dress style with glittery details like rhinestones or sequins will add some shine to your outfit. You can also style your one shoulder dresses with diamond or silver jewelry for a similar sparkle if your dress isn’t embellished.

10 Tips to Look Great on Any Event

  1. Plan ahead of the day: Before the day of the event, your dress and accessories should be ready, your hair done, and if you need a stylist to do your makeup, then you should contact them again.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes: The Outfits you select should be flattering to your body type and should accentuate your best features.
  3. Uniquely wear your style: You are more likely to look confident and feel comfortable when the dress is I'm tune with your taste and preferences.
  4. Buy quality clothes: Your dress selections shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. You can shop all the fascinating pieces above at budget-friendly prices, from us here at SunsetFashionLA. We've got a lot more amazing outfits that you can buy on our online store.
  5. Choose appropriate accessories: Some dresses demand you wear bold jewelry and others, simpler ones. You need to know which accessories will be suitable for each look and pair them accordingly.
  6. Get your hair done: Having a hair care routine will take off the stress that comes with styling your hair for the D-day. And if you don’t, you can still get your hair washed, moisturized, straightened out, curled, or picked, and fully prepped before the event.
  7. Grooming: A good bath and moisturized skin will ensure that your skin doesn’t look flushed and unhealthy on the day of the event. It would be wise to pay close attention to what products you use on your skin before that day. Don't forget to groom your nails as well.
  8. Wearing Makeup: You can either wear your natural look or opt for a light makeover. Nice makeup will undoubtedly enhance your overall look, but be careful not to overdo it.
  9. Wear a signature fragrance: Good grooming goes hand in hand with smelling nice. A signature fragrance will surely stamp an impression of goodwill on all those you meet.
  10. Wearing confidence as a style: Loving your skin and looks allows your confidence to radiate towards all those you meet.


When hosting or attending an opera, theater, or charity event, looking good is a priority. You can invest in quality staples by shopping from SunsetFashionLA. We have many different clothing collections to suit your style preferences. As long as the business of looking good is involved, you can always count on us to overdeliver.

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