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It’s summer, it’s vacation, and there are a thousand and one reasons for you to get creative with your outfits, but let’s stick with three. Vacations are a time to relax and look super chic, so why go with the flow? Summer boards are made for a reason - to try out new stuff. You’re likely to meet 2 other people wearing the same dress style as yours at your vacation location, but what stands you out? Your styling!

It’s about time you kicked off those winter blues and embraced the welcoming feeling of the warm season with a summertime vacation. The feeling of hot air again and getting sunkissed is all we’re about this year’s summer. And what better way to feel the summer bliss than to make sure your vacation dresses are always on point? A flattering fit and vibrant design will get you ready to slay in summer. We can confidently say that about our summer vacation outfit ideas because they are second to none when it comes to summer essentials. 

Maybe you’ve not started planning your outfits yet, but not to worry, it will just be a breeze. Over here, we mentioned some of the best women's summer vacation outfits. Whether you’re heading for the beach, exploring a new city, or going for adventure, our top picks here will suit your experience. Let’s dig deep!

1. Lace Dress

The “summertime fine” you promised yourself last year can still be achieved with a cute lace dress. If you’ve been looking for simple yet cute summer vacation outfits that you can wear beyond your vacation, this may be your best bet. We love it cos it’s breezy, comfy, and easily blends with the seasons’ elements. Tan strappy sandals, a thin necklace, and a crossbody bag are all you need to glam up the dress. If you love yourself some extra steeze, then throw on your dark sunnies.

2. Mini Floral Dress

When you think of summer, florals come to mind. With awesome locations comes pretty outfits and we can always count on floral dresses for summer to keep you mentally fixed on your summer vacation. If you love twinning your nails with your outfits, then blue daisy nail art would work well with your dress. You can top off the look with an everyday staple necklace and a charm bracelet. For a date in summer, this look will win your date over effortlessly.

3. Maxi Floral Dress

To fully have a taste of summer, a maxi floral outfit for summer vacation has all the striking features you need. Details like cutouts, tie straps, backless, halter necklines, spaghetti straps, and strapless are made for somewhere sunny, and essentially, your vacation. You can wear them as a spring or summer wedding guest, for dinner on a boat cruise, and for afternoon parties on your vacation.

4. Mesh Skater Mini Dress

Summer is almost here and if you don’t know how to dress for your girl’s trip, here’s a quick glam pick - a mini dress. You can wear it out during a fun activity with the girlies or on summer nights when you’re out with boo. Matter of fact, when you shop these mini dresses, you’d literally be trying them on every day cos you can’t wait to rock them on your vacation. And if you’d love to fall in love with those summer moments, then some glam accessories will spice up your looks. Hoops and a small pendant necklace are amazing to wear if your dress is strapless.

5. Crochet Beach Dress + Woven Purse + Straw Hat

Crochet dresses are breezy, and comfortable, and capture your carefree spirit. They instantly put you in the beach mood and are the ideal summer dresses for vacation when transitioning from the beach to the boardwalk. A crochet dress is an Instagram- and Pinterest-worthy beach dress for all your poolside pleasures - sunbathing, beach bar, or walking in the waves. We love how fun and charming they can look either as a beach coverup or a full-blown summer dress. That’s not all, the summer breeze on your skin from the well-aerated crochet pattern is a perfect classic.

6. Cropped Shirt + Fitted Jeans

When you’re done with picking the best summer dresses for beach vacation, next up comes tops, bottoms, and beach cover-ups. Vacations have a stress-free vibe and that’s exactly what this cropped shirt stands for. It’s a sure-fire way to create a capsule vacation wardrobe that can still take you throughout the year. Fitted jeans will always be on point, so bring them along as you’re packing.

7. Loose Knit Cardigan + Stretchy Pants

Not everyone is headed for a sizzling hot vacation destination. Some of us love cooler locations, and we’ve got outfit ideas for summer vacation in these areas. The knit cardigan will help ward off the cold and as it gets warmer, you can throw it off and stick with your bandeau top. This pretty pick is perfect for mid-morning brunch and sightseeing. If you’re not in the stretchy pants feel, go with some linen or crepe pants in a neutral color.

8. Crop Top + High-Waisted Pants

Black, white, and neutrals are the easiest to layer and style. And arguably, the best buy when choosing the base color of an outfit. Besides your graphic tee and traditional white tee, a cropped black top can go with just about anything; from high-waisted jeans, shorts, and linen pants to satin and denim skirts. They might be the best summer dresses for vacation depending on how you style them.

9. Graphic Tee with High Waist Denim Shorts

Night swimming, star gazing, beach day, rock climbing, outdoor concert, beach day, or backyard camping. Whatever the activity, t-shirts and denim shorts are summer vacation outfits that you can always count on.

10. Lace Corset Top and Distressed Jeans

Blue jeans and white tees are like jam and jelly but corset tops and jeans blend like pool bars and bay breezes. Denim pants are one of the most versatile casual summer dresses for vacation so you don’t have to pack in different colors or styles on your vacation. One or two of your most preferred picks can take you through all your denim days on your vacation. You can wear the combo when going on an early evening stroll or for a night on the town.

11. Knit Two Piece Set

A knit two-piece dress in a bright or colorful hue is perfect for sunny days. You can wear them when moving from pool to lunch and with just some sunglass addition you’ve got an instant vacation look. The cropped detail provides some warm weather escape from all the knit. But not to worry it is loose and airy and perfect for summer.

12. Bolero Sweater + Bralette + Biker Shorts

Bralette and biker shorts are a hot weather combo that will get you ready for the vacation season. They will come in handy if you are engaging in lots of physical activities or adventures such as biking, hiking, rock climbing, sand sliding, and the like. The Bolero sweater, dark sunnies, and large tote bag fuel your style and bring out a fresh dose of inspiration for your vacation dressing.

13. Halter Top + Bum Shorts

When you’re seeking both style and comfort on your vacation, this flattering fit will take you from the sea and sand to the bar and beyond. The tie-back detail of the halter top ensures a perfect fit while elevating your beach look. If you’re up for a sexy beach look, the cheeky coverage of the denim cut-offs will indulge your mood.

14. Knitted Bow Top and Flared Skirt

All white in summer is a no-brainer but when it’s time to pop in some color, we make sure to do it right. We’re in for the win with this ultimate pink and white summer staple. It’s simple yet elegant, making it perfect for a beach bridal shower, a seaside honeymoon, or an afternoon date on your vacation. Want a touch of luxury, put on some pearl earrings and grab a statement clutch purse.

15. Long Sleeve Crochet Top + Bikini

Ready for some next-level beach coverups? This dreamy crochet top will take your beach dresses for summer vacation from basic to the bougiest you’ve ever worn. This sexy meets casual is not just a beach bombshell but a standout choice you should definitely try out.

What are the Best Accessories for your Perfect Summer Vacation Outfits?

From sunglasses and hats for the sunny pool days to the charm jewelry and cute clutches on your sultry evenings, there are endless possibilities for accessories you can wear with your dresses for summer vacation. Over here we highlighted a few of the most common accessories that are not just stylish but also functional in their different ways. They include:

  • Jewelry: Jewelry may not be summer must-haves because you can always opt for some beaded necklaces and bracelets with or without charm. However, they are perfect for a day at the beach, shopping, and when you're headed for a dinner date. 
  • Hat: The different hat styles give your wardrobe a fresh new energy. For instance, a bucket hat welcomes you with some throwback vibes while a wide-brimmed straw hat is not just functional but also a key accessory in making your outfit look cool. Fedora hats are necessary poolside accessories because of the dreamy vibes they add to your summer vacation outfits.
  • Footwear: Neutral espadrilles, slide sandals, flip flops, sneakers, ankle boots, and wedges are all available footwear options that you can wear on your vacation depending on the formality of the event.
  • Bags: for your bags, you could grab a beach tote, a woven bag, or a straw purse. Whichever fits the ambiance of your location and easily blends with your outfit for summer vacation
  • Other accessories: Some glam sunnies may be the last key piece you need to rev up your look. And if you're suddenly not feeling any of your tops, you can repurpose a satin scarf by twisting it into a halter top. You could also stack some bracelets and piece them together with some matching hair accessories to get it on point. 


For all your beach-going days and summer explorations, we have the best summer dresses for vacation available in stock. We also have lux accessories that you can pair with your outfits ranging from bright colorful beads and patterned accessories to cute purses and bags that will have you obsessed throughout the summertime.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What should I wear on summer holidays?
What you should wear for your summer holidays largely depends on the plans you've mapped out for the trip. Swimsuits or bikinis, sundresses, and outerwear or tees and shorts are ideal summer vacation outfit ideas you should definitely pack. You can then add beach accessories like sunglasses, hats, and flip-flops to style your outfits.
How many outfits do I need for a 7 day vacation?
For a 7-day vacation, you need to pack at least 7 to 8 cute summer vacation outfits to allow for one change of clothes each day. The reason for the extra outfit is just in case your plans change or you have a wardrobe malfunction with one of your previous picks.
What type of clothes are best for summer?
Your outfit ideas for summer vacation should typically be comfortable, breezy, and flattering. Since the weather would be warmer, it is best to go with loose-fitting outfits that absorb sweat and are made with lightweight fabric. And if you love to get your curves snatched, ensure the fabric is convenient for the weather. For instance, mesh, cotton, and linen would be ideal in these cases.
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