Sorority Rushing Outfits: What to Wear to Sorority Recruitment


While you are strongly thinking about what to wear to sorority recruitment, you can also imagine how impressed the sorority would be if, at the first blush, your sorority rushing outfits went overboard on cementing a positive hunch. It's daring… Yes! But just do it. As you continue reading, you will retain a clear image of the picture in your head and feel more relaxed about selecting your sorority rush week outfits. You Ready? Of course, you are!

In case you didn't know, let's tip you off a bit. A sorority is a college or University society for female students, where the members refer to each other as sisters and do rounds of activities together. This sisterhood in most American colleges creates academic, career, and leadership opportunities during and after the school years. Sorority recruitment or rush is a series of rounds and processes used to screen undergraduate women before they can join the sorority. 

The sorority rush process differs across different universities and sororities, however, some specific rules guide all sorority houses and a pattern to which the potential new members can be recruited. Just in case yours is different, feel free to take inspos from any of these sorority recruitment outfits. You would only stay a few days in the house during which it's important to strike a good impression in the minds of the sorority. Here are some lovely sorority recruitment outfits to help you with each stage.

Stunning Sorority Rushing Outfits: What To Wear For Sorority Recruitment

For the four rounds of the recruitment exercise which will span for a couple of days, take a look at some of the dresses for sorority recruitment that we are currently gushing over. Mind you, the rounds may last for 5 to 8 days depending on your school. Throughout the sorority rush, you would be led by a recruitment guide commonly known as Rho Gammas, Rho Chis, or Pi Chis along with other girls in your rush group. These guides offer support, answer questions, and ensure that the girls attend the right houses. 

Round One: Welcome Round

The first round of sorority recruitment is also known as the welcome round or open round. Some colleges call it the "Ice water teas". The first round of the sorority rush is majorly official introductions and short conversations with every house or individual chapter, depending on the number of sororities in your school. For this round, you don't want to look dressy in very high heels and dresses with sultry cutouts. Instead, opt for laid-back sorority rush outfits and casual fits. Comfy tees, jeans, fun skirts, and sundresses that you would normally wear for a lunch date are most appropriate here. As long as it's breathable, it's totally wearable.

Pair a blue T-shirt with white April Denim Skirt and slip into sandals or flats to complete the look. Want something fierce for the second outfit of your first-round sorority recruitment dress? Go for the red Boho floral print ruffle dress, statement earrings, and lace-up sandals. You can leave out the heels for now, but if you want to, go for it.

Round Two: Philanthropy Round

Philanthropy round or service round is when you get to learn more about all the sororities on a personal level. It is here that you find out what the sororities are passionate about, their service values, and philanthropies that they are involved with, plus you might do some charity and craft work. Service day may take longer than round one as emphasis is put into teaching the rushees about all that is done in each chapter. 

Some colleges give out signature t-shirts as the sorority outfits for recruitment in this round, which can be paid with decorative pants, shorts, or skirts. Again, if your school doesn't provide t-shirts for the rushees, save yourself the stress and grab along a casual dress. This is a chance to show off your style with a sorority recruitment dress.  You'd walk around a lot here under the super hot sun, so you can skip the jumpsuits and long pants for cute shorts and flats.

Round Three: Sisterhood Round

During the sisterhood round, you'll watch each sorority's recruitment video. You might tour the sorority houses if your university allows that. Now is your opportunity to ask all your questions to lead to intense conversations about what you need in a chapter. It is also in this round that you will decide the house where you would want to attend for the preference round.

Sorority recruitment outfit ideas for the sisterhood round are less formal than the coming round but more stylistic than the welcome round. Outfits that you would normally wear for a brunch or birthday dinner would come handy here. Rompers and sundresses are trendy options for this round. Think something business casual but not too preppy or prom-like as the dresses for sorority rush in this round. You should probably step into your wedges and heels now as they are highly encouraged. As long as the footwear is comfy, you're right on track. An alternative - bring along a pair of flats for when you would be walking to each house. Simple jewelry would elevate the look and add sleek statements.

Round Four: Preference Round

Prefs can last 50 or 60 minutes as your college deems it. On this day, you'd go to two houses and three max, during which you would talk privately with the chapter woman or sorority girl, ask all the questions you may still have, and establish your interests in each chapter. It can be highly emotional and intense as it is the last day you get to talk with the rest of the sororities before the bid day.

Sorority rush week outfits for the preferential round are cocktail and formal staples. It is where you get to wear your most fashionable ensemble while keeping it serious but fancy. The sorority sisters would most likely be in ankle-length dresses so low cuts, tight fits are a big no-no. Instead cocktail dresses and outfits that you'd wear as a wedding guest in bright colors and lightweight fabric would give you feel-good vibes. Definitely, your footwear would be platform heels or wedges to which you can add finishing touches with bold jewelry. 

Bid Day

Sorority bid day is when you find out which chapter you'd be going with. On this day, all the potential new members (PNMs) would stay at a spot and sit according to their groups. All the girls will get a bid card in an envelope and they will hold it, to open it at once. The moments when the cards are being opened are usually fun and exciting. New members of each chapter would be rounded up on a bus that would take them to their new home. There would also be dinner parties planned prior to the bid day for the new sisters. Fun activities are carried out for the sisters to know each other better.

On the bid day, you would be offered a matching bid day shirt that you can pair with tennis skirts, shorts, or anything that you can easily slip the t-shirt over. You can wear any of the flats or sandals you've worn in the previous rounds. After meeting your new pledge class, you'd also learn what you need for your personal bid day celebrations. This could be at dinner or a fun event.

Turning Your Sorority Rushing Outfits Into A Rarity

Before you skid off this page, here are a few tips to make what to wear for sorority rush less of a burden to you.

1) Accessories: Don't forget to take your signature style of jewelry, hats, umbrellas, and any other accessories that allows you to express your femininity and energetic charm. Accessories also make your outfits look polished and put together any time any day.

2) Beauty Kit: Carry an emergency make-up and touch-up kit when setting down items for the sorority. Deodorants and face blots offer great comfort throughout the day.

3) Comfy Shoes: You should feel pretty relaxed in whatever shoes you'd be wearing. Don't spare your comfort for blisters just to wear voguish heels. You'd walk a lot and it's very necessary that you feel comfortable doing so. Make sure you have easy-to-wear platforms, flats, sandals, or loafers with you.

4) Not Too Basic, Not Too Dressy: We understand that for a sorority, you need to make a good first impression, but looking too prepped up or overtly minimalistic won't get you the impression of your dreams. Strike a balance between the two extremes and incorporate your personal style into the looks. 

Get relaxed, the first day of the sorority might feel uncomfortable but subsequent days would prove different. In this guide, we've not only covered questions on how do sorority girls dress and sorority recruitment outfit ideas, but also, we gave style tips and fashion picks that can help you with planning your sorority rush. Now we're down to closing Notes, which of these outfits was your fav dress for sorority recruitment
Frequently Asked Questions:
What should you not wear to sorority recruitment?
Jeans, t-shirts, and even skirts that are too casual should not be worn during a sorority rush. Footwear like flip-flops, chacos, running shoes, and birkenstocks, are great for everyday wear so save them for that, but not a sorority.
Do sororities have a dress code?
Most sororities have a pre-determined dress code for their ritual events. For formal meetings, never wear mini-skirts, instead go for long and midi-length skirts, dresses, or dress pants.
What are the 3 B's sorority?
The 3 B's in a sorority are three items you shouldn't talk about during the sorority rush. They are utterly forbidden and make you sound unrefined. These B's are boys, booze, and bucks. Avoid talking about your body count or how many guys you’ve dated, how drunk you've gotten, or your parent's financial status. Get relaxed, the first day of the sorority might feel uncomfortable but subsequent days would prove different. In this guide, we've not only covered questions on how sorority girls dress and sorority recruitment outfit ideas but also gave style tips and fashion picks that can help you with planning your sorority rush.
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