What To Wear To A Bachelorette Party For The Bride And Guests


Bachelorette parties are not wedding ceremonies where you must wear something formal or at least slightly formal. Your bachelorette party dresses can be somewhere between formal and casual, or formal, or even casual - you choose. Wondering what to wear to a bachelorette party? Let's find out! We've grouped these bachelorette party dress code ideas into sections for the bride, guests, and both categories based on the location of the party.

Style Rules For Guests and Bachelorette at a Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette outfit ideas for the bride-to-be are usually considered first or in more regard as compared to the bridesmaids. Avoid the pop quiz running through your head of what to wear to my bachelorette party with a nice dress, sleek jewelry, and shoes that don't peel off your feet.

As a guest, what to wear to a bachelorette party must not be something dressy and bold on a statement. Instead, semi-formal and casual clothing would be your easiest picks. Loose and cute outfits that allow you to comfortably move and play around, jewelry that wouldn't weigh you down but at the same time does not make you look cheap, and shoes that you won't always have to pull off. However, if the bachelorette wants her guests in formal bachelorette party theme outfits, you should stick to it.

When all these are put into consideration, what do you wear to a bachelorette party whether as a bride or guest, that offers comfort and class at the least cost to your bank and mental account? Let's dive right in.

Bachelorette Outfit Ideas For The Bachelorette

Time to stop asking about what to wear to my bachelorette party, cos we've got you covered. Here are some bach-worthy outfit inspirations to make your bride's attire convenient and adventurous. You also need to keep the style rules we've given in mind while accessing what to wear to your bachelorette party.

1. Little White Dress in Bodycon Style:

As the bachelorette, you can wear as many whites as you like. An all-white figure-hugging style with statement sparkles like rhinestones and sequins adds a bit of flair to the ensemble. Since the neckline of this dress is a halter, you won't need a necklace. Just some dainty earrings, a sparkling purse, and some cute heels.

2. Flared White Dress: 

A white cotton summer dress is great for an outdoor bachelorette party. Step into a pair of beige strappy heels and eye-catching jewelry to look and feel great. An extra pop of fun and the perfect finishing in summer would be a large straw bag and a floppy hat.

3. White Two Piece Set: A corset crop top in white color with a mini or midi length skirt will have you shimmering all night. For example, wearing Vegan leather high waist shorts for the bottoms is both sexy and classy.

4. White Top:
Your bachelorette bride outfit mustn't be all white. A corset crop top in white color with a pink or blue mini or midi-length skirt will have you shimmering all night. Wearing Vegan leather high-waist shorts for the bottoms is both sexy and classy. For that incredibly gorgeous look, go ahead and pair your outfit with some sleek jewelry and block-heeled shoes.

5. Long White Bodycon Dress:

Have fun in a dress that feels comfy and elegant. Thigh slit or cut-out details elevates the style further. This dress is elegant and invites you to celebrate the epic night at a sit-down dinner or even a cocktail bar.

6. White Romper Dress: If a little white dress is not your thing, go for a romper, and since you'll have to wear many whites before your big day, the color blends seamlessly and puts your best foot forward. But if you don't want to be head-on in white for your bach party, opt for a cute romper in blue, pink, nude, or black. They all show sheer elegance and could be your bach party outfit.

7. White Jumpsuit:

To match the big energy vibes you'd be bringing, classy bachelorette party outfits would be great options. Jumpsuits are a more classy button to rock the perfect bachelorette attire. White raven booties make elegant complements for white jumpsuits.

8. LBD:

The little black dress never goes off any list for party looks. Off-the-shoulder, cut-out, v-neck, strappy, backless, and halter details are great ways to ensure your bachelorette looks make a solid statement.

9. Wide-legged Chambray:
Not sure of the color you want to wear, rock a wide-legged chambray jumpsuit in either yellow, blue, or black weaves.

10. Bold Colors:

As the bride, you can look as striking and dramatic as you wish in cocktail dresses made in Fire-engine red, canary yellow, matte black, or lime green colors.

11. Animal Prints:

Not a fan of monochrome looks? An animal print bach party outfit is a quick slip to embrace your personal style. Leopard, cow, snake, and zebra prints that hit right with a flowy pattern are ideal for easy wear and throw-on.

12. Floral Prints:

A bachelorette in summer should include all elements of the atmosphere. A lightweight woven dress with adjustable spaghetti straps or a halter neckline is airy to suit the hot climes. The best part about summer dresses is that they are easy to work into bachelorette party theme outfits for your girls.

13. Blazer Dress:

Want to style a chic boss look for your pre-wedding celebrations? A glitter blazer dress is a bold way to add glam and shimmer while a neutral-toned blazer dress serves cute and romantic vibes.

14. Jacket:

Fleur, Tweed, or Oversized Denim are casual notes for your bachelorette. The bottoms for this look can be leather shorts or ripped jeans.

15. Bodysuit:

A beige or white Ava Deep V bodysuit bodysuit or black mesh bodysuit are sultry poolside outfits for the bride at her bachelorette. A Vivian deep v-neck stain silk bodysuit makes an entrance in cold seasons.

16. Sparkly Dresses:

A dreamy petal sequined dress or Anisa round neck rhinestone tassel sleeveless bandage dress is a perfect way to scream bachelorette in style.

17. A Tulle Dress:

One thing about tulle dresses is undeniable - They are stylish and easy to accessorize. Tulle dresses are bachelorette party dresses that don't require much effort to reach perfection. You may decide to look as effortless as you can imagine, however, the tulle dress would shine through with its A-lister glam factor.

18. A Stylish 2-Piece:

A bandage two-piece set consisting of a cropped corset top and flared pants is gorgeous for both the guests and bride-to-be to wear as bachelorette party theme outfits. It looks put-together and convenient for the party in many different settings.

What Do You Wear To A Bachelorette Party As A Guest?

1. Dress Accordingly To The Theme

At most bachelorette parties, there is a theme or code that the guests are expected to dress according to. This theme can be to dress as sexy school girls in short skirts and long socks, sultry lingerie that unleashes your inner diva, or themed Boho outfits.

It would be a fashion faux to turn up at a bachelorette party in an outfit different from the dress code; even if you weren't informed about what to wear to a bachelorette party as a guest; the bride wouldn't like that either. If the uniform of the theme doesn't augur well with you, you can let your friends know and you all would sort it out. 

Take for instance, if you are expected to wear short shorts and t-shirts with comedy hats as a casual bachelorette party outfit, but you don't like baring your legs, you can let your girls know about it and of course, they would find a better alternative for you. They can even go overboard on caring to change the enter bachelorette outfit ideas to something that suits your personality.

Either way, you all get to have fun in cute outfits for the party. Don't be scared or feel embarrassed to tell them that the outfit feels uncomfortable, besides they're your girls and would always support you.

2. No-themed Bachelorette Party Outfit Ideas 

It won't always be "bachelorette party theme outfits" as not all bach parties have a theme or color scheme. In a case where there is no specific dress code or theme planned for the bachelorette and the thoughts running through your mind are "What should I wear to a bachelorette party?", here are some creative ways to look your best: 

Consider the location and activities to be carried out at the party, prioritize comfort over looks, and check in with whoever is organizing and find out what they deem appropriate before outfit buying. That way, you can get off the tumble of what to wear to a bachelorette party.

What Do You Wear To A Bachelorette Party Based On The Location

Where you are going is as important as the bachelorette party dress code ideas. You would not want to be prompted out of a place for putting on the wrong outfits or for dressing inappropriately. Here are bachelorette party clothing ideas to explore based on the location:

1. Spa Party

For the bachelorette celebrations, you can get a good pampering at the spa in the afternoon and continue with other celebrations at a cocktail lounge and house party afterward. Make sure you have matching outfit ideas like robes, cute loafers, and bathing suits to make a statement as a squad and not just a guest. 

The bride-to-be should have a special robe so she can be easily spotted as the celebrant. Matching tees and sweatpants can be alternated for the robes. The key is to feel relaxed.

2. Bar or Club

Want to have fun for a night out in the town, put on your glad rags. The red Fena satin mini dress for the guests and the pink Antonella mini feathered sequin dress for the bride attire are unbeatable going-out looks for a Vegas bachelorette party. 

The feathers on the bride's dress add to the appeal by drawing attention to the bride. Want to complement the party look with sparkly embellishments? Opt for a red shine bright sequin dress or a silver Lydia backless sequin halter dress.

3. Cocktail Bachelorette Party

A mini dress, cocktail dress, or backless style would look stunning and detailed. Make a stunning statement with a cut-out halter creation made with vegan leather and pair it with some strappy heels to steal glances at the party or comfy flats if you'll be walking around a lot. 

When you'd be testing wines, don't wear light colors in case of spills. For a Napa wine-down bachelorette, casual picks like floral spaghetti strap summer dresses and wedges are sure to turn heads.

4. Weekend Getaway

When going on a long weekend vacation with your girls either on a plane, boat cruise, or road trip you would need lots of casual bachelorette party outfits. 

A mix of glad rags, matching pajamas, athleisure wear, casuals, satin robes, and flops in nude, blue, brown, beige, chocolate, or any minimal color that feels convenient. Pick out stretchy and structured fabrics for cocktail looks. Ensure you have your swimsuits ready for swim time.

5. Pool Party

An ideal Vegas bachelorette party weekend can be at the pool. Wear something that feels hot and sexy like a bikini or swimsuit to tap into your femininity at a poolside bachelorette party. The flirtatious dressing is popular among bachelorette party outfit ideas. 

If the hostess wants something more appropriate, you can wear comfortable clothes and still look stunning. Just make sure the clothes you would have to put on allows for easy movements and optimum relaxation.

6. House Party

You can have a bachelorette party at your house and just order pizza or bake a cake, then the guests would bring drinks along to spice up the party. Basic clothing is the common outfit idea for a bachelorette party in a house. It's easy for a house party to get boring if a lot has not been planned for the hen do. 

One of the favorite games that the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids can play is 'Twister in lingerie'. In this game, everyone has to wear the same number of clothing which can be a bodysuit, lingerie, or any other type of underwear.

Shop The Looks Of Your Outfit Ideas For Bachelorette Party

After you've made a pick on the party attire for both the bride and for bridesmaids, and you know exactly what to wear to a bachelorette party, it's time to go shopping for the looks. At SunsetFashionLA, we offer the best prices on wedding and bridal dresses that are size-inclusive and body flattering. You wouldn't want to miss the trendy selections available to sate your fashion needs this season, would you? Style all the looks you're imagining right now from our one-stop online store now.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What should you not wear to a bachelorette party?
At a bachelorette party, avoid wearing whites. Don't try to match your outfit so much with the bride or other bridesmaids. Though you should always stick to the dress code, avoid wearing the exact clothes from head to toe as everyone else.
Is it okay to wear black to a bachelorette party?
Unless the host says otherwise, you can wear black to add a classic touch to your attire.
What do you bring to a bachelorette?
Lingerie is the most common gift you can give the bachelorette. In addition to that, you could add jewelry, shower products, scented candles, and travel carry-ons.
What do you wear to a bachelorette party when it's cold?
During winter or fall when it's usually cold, you can wear a velvet dress in a dark color or a turtleneck top paired with flannel pants. You can layer on a blazer for more coziness. Knee-high boots are more than suitable to keep your feet and legs warm.
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