Vegan Leather: A New Staple In Your Closet This Spring 2024


The Leather trend, which was so popular last season, has not lost its position in 2022. We can see this trend in the collections of Marc Jacobs, Apart, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Prada, La Reine Blanche, Heine, Nina Ricci, Tom Ford, Stella Mccartney, Alexander McQueen, and other brands. 

Leather clothing has become more elegant, and in addition to the usual outerwear, dresses, skirts, pants, and even beautiful blouses and tops are trending again.

In addition, thin vegan leather, also known as eco-leather has allowed leather pieces to be worn during spring and summer months, making them highly versatile.

So, if you want to look stylish this season, leather clothing is what you need.

Our favorite picks for Vegan Leather this season

1) Leather Jacket

A modern wardrobe is hardly complete without a leather jacket, which continues to trend in 2022. An oversized model like this will remain in your closet for many seasons.

2) Classic Leather Blazer

A classic leather blazer is also a great alternative to a leather jacket. It has long been a staple in the wardrobes of celebrities and trendsetters, including Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Kylie Gerber. A leather blazer can be worn anywhere and with anything. Wear it with a basic white shirt and dress pants to the office or a business meeting, with jeans and a crop top for dinner with friends, or with a little black dress for a party. Choose between a classic double breasted blazer or go for a more dressier look with gold buttons.


3) Leather Blouse

A surprising trend of this season is a leather blouse that has appeared in the new collections of many fashion designers. It has quickly won respect among fashionistas. Leather blouses can be worn for multiple occasions and are very versatile which makes them a new staple piece in your closet. 

4) Leather Dress

Also, leather dresses continue to be popular this season, and no longer have to be only worn for a night out like this Danika vegan Leather dress. Vegan leather midi dresses are appropriate for a work cocktail party (like this) when worn with a blazer or even to the office thanks to the modest style of this long sleeve dress.

5) Leather Pants

Leather pants this season will appeal not only to young girls but also to brave, self-confident women. They will look equally good with stilettos and white sneakers. Choose between Marcela Skinny Vegan Leather Pants or Malaya High Waist Skinny Vegan Leather Pants.


6) Leather Skirts and Shorts

Edgy and cool, leather skirts and shorts remain crowd favorites. Wear a leather skirt with boots and a graphic t-shirt like this, or style it with a bodysuit and your sexy pumps.


7) Leather Two Piece Sets

Ready to master the full-look leather trend? Shop for two piece vegan leather sets, and don't forget to pair them with leather shoes and a purse!

Shop  for more outfit ideas and trendy clothes.


SunsetFashionLA Team 

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I wear a leather blazer to work?
A leather blazer can be added to your work wardrobe as long as your overall outfit is balanced. Choose only one leather piece for your office look and choose a leather blazer that has simple buttons and a classic double-breasted design.
Is vegan leather appropriate for summer?
One of the benefits of eco-leather compared to regular leather is that it can be worn during warmer months. It tends to be thinner and is not intended to keep you warm which makes it a good solution for that summer edgy look you have in mind. We also recommend choosing PU leather in lighter colors such as beige, brown, or pastel to make it more summer-appropriate.
Can I wash faux leather pants?
Yes, you can wash your vegan leather pieces. Choose hand wash or wash them on a delicate cycle with a gentle detergent. Never put your PU leather clothes in the drier and air-dry instead so they last you as long as possible.
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